Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm in the Detroit News!

Although not for all of the best reasons, I was interviewed by the Detroit News as an out of work person seeking help for career info in the churches of Metro Detroit. It is another good "plug" for the Shrine Career in Transition group that I've become a member of as well as a liason back to the bigger church family. I also open the meeting nights with prayers and a blessing.

One of the quotes is not quite correct, so now I know how people feel when they get "misquoted" in the press. Guess that's the breaks.

Here is the link:


Our Family said...

So, what did they "misquoted"? Is it the "48"?

Deacon Tom Avery said...

Oh funnnny....I WAS 48 at the time the article came out thank you very much.

msoeherman said...

Happy Birthday Deacon Tom!